Hand-Painted, Made-To-Order Original Art That Is Perfect for Gifts and For Your Home

This little shop started as an overflow of the heart. I have always loved making gifts for friends and family, on any medium: paper, canvas, fabric. But when my husband gifted me a huge, scary saw for my birthday, my love of painting on wood began.

Each sign is cut, sanded, stained and painted all by hand, all by me. Every piece I design and create is made with one goal in mind: that when it graces your wall or mantle, it will serve as a gentle reminder to you of who you are and reflect to others what your family is all about.

Time and the Bell is a line from T.S. Eliot's poem "Four Quartets." It is about the struggle to stay present, to remember that we can't control our past or predict our future but instead we should embrace the here and the now. There is indeed no time like the present.

It is my hope that in my shop you find something special that will inspire, encourage and delight. 

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